Insulation with Kevin Talbot

With the rising costs in electricity, it is no wonder that we have seen an increased demand in insulation jobs. We can specialise with many different types of insulation and test to ensure that the home is within the sufficient energy rating. Insulating your home means that you save energy and money. Insulating both walls and attic can save a household a significant amount in heating costs: your attic, 25% per year and your walls 35% per year. This saving will replay your investment in 2-3 years. So it pays to insulate your home.

Not only does it make your home warmer in winter, it also helps keep it cooler in summer. This is because insulation holds the inside temperature of your home – warm in winter and cool in summer and slows the outside temperature from affecting your house. This also means, of course, that you do not need to have the heating on as much during the colder months. Great news for both the environment and your wallet!

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Insulating your home can involve one or more of the following.

Cavity Wall Insulation

From the 1930’s onwards most dwellings were of cavity wall construction. This means there is an inner and an outer wall with a cavity in between. This type of dwelling is suitable for cavity wall insulation. Cavity Wall Insulation with Silver Bonded Bead is an expanded Polystyrene Bead which is injected into existing or newly built cavity walls with a bonding agent.

Attic Insulation

An average un-insulated attic area represents 25% of the heat loss of your home. Fibreglass insulation is rolled into the attic space between & across the joists, difficult to reach areas can be insulated with blown shredded fibreglass. Cold water pipes and cold water tanks are lagged and sealed. Insulated walkways are installed for safe access from your attic hatch to your water tanks.

As part of our attic insulation service we can install tank jackets on your water storage tanks, insulate all cold water pipes in your attic area and install insulated floor platforms to gain safe access from your access hatch to your water tanks. If you have an attic pull down stairs we can provide an insulated hood that will greatly reduce heat loss in this area.

Dormer Insulation

Insulation is fitted to the perimeter of a dormer area – ie low level walls, sloped ceilings and across the ceiling overhead. This can be insulated with either fibreglass or Therma insulation boards to fit between the rafters.

Timber Frame Insulation

Timber Frame Building are quite adaptable to high levels of insulation at initial construction stage, generally varying levels of fibreglass insulation are used depending on stud wall / rafter depth etc. A wide range of fibreglass type insulation can be fitted to a new timber frame building.

Air Tightness Insulation

Air Tightness is now a building regulation requirement in new buildings and it is certain that very high levels of air tightness in homes will become an integral part of construction within future regulations. In most situations it is very difficult to achieve an “A” rated home without having achieved high levels of air tightness in construction. A range of glues, tapes & membranes are fitted to the inside of the building envelope to eliminate unwanted air infiltration & draughts.


Green Energy with Kevin Talbot

More and more home owners are turning to renewable or better efficiency energy sources in an attempt to reduce costs and the impact on the environment. No wonder with oil prices which have trebled in the last 3 years surpassing the record highs of the boom time in 2007 & 2008. With carbon taxes going to be introduced and no slowdown on fossil fuel costs so the attitude is to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Home Building Home with Kevin Tablot we provide a full range of renewable and energy efficient systems to ensure you cut your dependence on fossil fuel while also making considerable savings. We can help you with grants and choosing the most appropriate system that suits your needs. Contact us directly via here and we can supply you with more information that would be helpful. We know only too well from dealing with clients that faced with a daunting selection of energy saving measures that you can get lost and become indecisive to what is best for your needs and for your home.

High Efficiency Boilers

With High Efficiency Boilers – with the great strides technology and engineering has made, we can install a high efficiency boiler to improve your heating needs. So maybe replacing your old boiler is the way to go. Contact us to find out.

  • Up to 95% efficient (standard boilers operate approx at 65% – 75%)
  • Return on investment typically 2 years
  • Extremely Reliable
  • Significant savings on energy costs
  • Straightforward cost effective installation process.
  • Little or no ongoing maintenance requirements.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting systems reduces water charges and water consumption demand from the mains supply by collecting, storing and purifying the rainwater that falls upon your rooftop. With the onset of water charges approaching smart consumers are getting rainwater harvesting systems in place. As we all know, Ireland is famous for the constant rain we receive!

  • Significantly reduces water charges and water utility bills.
  • Following installation of rainwater harvesting system it is completely free to use and requires little or no maintenance.
  • Rainwater systems can be easily integrated into your current premises normally within 48 hours after system parts arrive at site.
  • Rainwater is a naturally pure form of water.
  • Rainwater is highly beneficial for irrigation; plants thrive as stored rainwater is free of pollutions, salts, minerals and other manmade contaminants.

Heat Recovery Systems

The Heat Recovery Systems work by recovering up to 30% of the heat in the air being lost through fresh air vents, flues and leaks in windows and doors. The system works by supplying fresh air to rooms in your home or business premises while extracting moisture from wet areas such as toilets and kitchen spaces. Warm stale air is removed from the building through grilles and ductwork; it is then passed through a heat exchanger which transfers some of its heat to the colder incoming fresh air.

Solar Energy

A Solar panel is placed on the roof or surrounding grounds of a premise’s in order to collect the naturally created solar energy. There are a number of different types of solar panel collectors available depending on your requirements and all collectors have a specially designed surface coating which maximises solar energy absorption.

  • Solar energy is free.
  • You can save up to 70% on energy bills in Ireland.
  • All our solar panels come with a 20 Year Warranty on the vacuum in the tubes and 5 year warranty on the parts.
  • Solar products require little maintenance; once the initial installation is complete and brought up to maximum efficiency no further purchases or equipment is ever needed.

Wind Power

We offer a 1kw self installed wind turbines

  • 1kw wind turbine complete kit including 6m (20ft) tower
  • Typical savings for this in a good windy area could be of up to €475 a year off your electricity bill.
  • This turbine is exempt from planning but there are guidelines for installation. You must comply with National Planning guidelines which can be found in the Department of Environment website.
  • This turbine is not suitable for mounting on buildings.
  • This turbine connects to the electricity network in your house but must be wired to ETCI regulations.